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The Magic Of Making Up
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In general, if men do not do these three points, do not rush to marry a woman. 1, have a skill, with the ability to support their families. If men do not have the skills or ability to support their families, do not rush to marry a woman. Since a man decides to marry a woman, you must first be able to support yourself and support a woman. If you don't even have the ability and breadwinner to support your family, then you can't give women real happiness.
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The Magic Of Making Up
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Men must have at least one skill, otherwise it is difficult for you to gain a foothold in society. If you can't get a foothold in society, then you can't support your family. If you can't support your family, then can a woman marry you easily? Men need to know that if you are useless, without any special talents or real skills, you have no way to satisfy women’s basic needs for material. You don’t even ask women to eat and watch movies without money. Then women will not consider being with you. Therefore, before a man decides to marry a woman, she must first recognize how many kilograms he or she has. You must have self-knowledge.


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