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Powell says the Speedfactories should help Adidas to adapt to this shortened cycle in ways that will matter even if they aren’t churning out tens of millions of sneakers a year. First, they let Adidas create and test new products quickly. (That’s also where 3D printing helps: It lets Adidas simply print soles for prototypes and eliminate tooling, the costly and time-consuming step of building the metal mold used to make soles in conventional sneaker making.) Second, they will soon allow Adidas to respond quickly to the way people are Nike Air Max TN Femme shopping in the markets Nike Air Max 2015 Damen where Speedfactories are Nike Air Max 2016 Femme located.Because Speedfactory allows the company to swiftly experiment with new sneakers, Manz describes it as an “innovation platform.” Adidas doesn’t necessarily need to produce 50,000 of a single style and have an entire marketing and distribution plan in place 18 months ahead of time. It can come up with a concept, create a few hundred or a few thousand pairs, and see how it goes.Scaling Speedfactory isn’t just about building more of them either. They can test and optimize production methods there, and then institute what they’ve learned in the contract factories they use in Asia, improving their sustainability and productivity. They’re working on installing certain processes overseas already.Just as important, the Speedfactories will soon be able to rapidly replenish stores in Nike Air Presto Damen Western Europe and the US. Nike Air Max 90 Homme That ability would let Adidas Adidas Superstar Donne Nero restock styles or sizes in just weeks or days, rather than months. It could also mean Adidas wouldn’t need to produce a huge volume of inventory up front and sink money into stock without certainty that it will sell.

That business model has helped fast-fashion brands dominate and transform the rest of the clothing industry, and it could give Adidas’ business a significant bump. In its report on sneaker companies speeding up manufacturing, Morgan Stanley estimated that shifting toward this production model could offer brands an extra 15% rise in sales growth, and there are all sorts of logistical benefits. Adidas has said it plans to get 50% of its sales from “speed-enabled” products by 2020.“The business model, I think that’s the thing I get excited about,” says Carnes, the  strategy VP. If a company Adidas Superstar Uomo Grigie can get to the point of producing a sizable share of the products it sells on-demand, he explains, rather than producing them ahead of time, “it has completely different business-model implications in terms of delivery time, cash flow, setting up your business, how you’re able to manage inventory.”These sorts of advantages are why Powell believes Speedfactory can make a real difference to Adidas’ bottom line, even if the numbers aren’t yet near a commercial tipping point.Eventually, Adidas’s goal is to be able to make individually tailored shoes, where 3D printing may be indispensable again. If Adidas doesn’t have to build the tooling for a sole, it suddenly becomes feasible to customize a sneaker to a customer’s foot. The sneaker would be expensive, and not likely a mass-market product. But for Nike Air Max 1 Femme athletes with specific needs, Nike Air Max 90 Femme Blanche it could be worth the cost.

For Adidas, this shift gets to the very heart of how innovation itself is evolving. “Innovation has completely changed,” says Manz, who marked his 20th year at Adidas in November. “It completely changed—and that’s also probably representative of the industry, which we’re trying to lead in innovation—from really ingredients through products, more towards processes and business models.”In other words, making a better product today is less about whatever the hot new cushioning material of the moment is, and more about having the entire business set up to quickly identify what customers want, and get it to them fast.Despite everything Adidas is doing with Speedfactory, sneaker manufacturing is also not likely to move back to Europe or the US in any large scale. Nike Air Max 90 Dámské Bílé “ At present, the Adidas Superstar Slip On Donne Speedfactory in Ansbach is Nike Air Presto Femme only set up to make Boost soles. Soon it will also add the “digital light synthesis” 3D-printing process developed by Carbon.Adidas says it had the expertise and commitment to innovation Adidas wanted in a partner to build its automated factory.